TWISTED TUNES: Palestinians cheer deadly attacks with chilling songs

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from FoxNews,

The hits keep coming in Israel, on the streets as well as the airwaves — where yet another twisted tune from Palestinians praises the so-called “car intifada,” in which Muslim radicals purposely drive into crowds of Israelis.

“Zionist run away, run away Zionist,” go the lyrics to the latest song, which is accompanied by a chilling animated video and was first reported in The Jerusalem Post. “You are about to be killed by a car.”

The song comes on the heels of another, similarly-themed tune called “Run Over the Settler,” which also praises the disturbing trend that began on Oct. 22, when a Palestinian named Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaloudi slammed his car into a crowded train station in Jerusalem in an apparently intentional act that killed a 3-month-old Israeli-American baby and an Ecuadorean woman in her 20s. It also comes as Israelis reel from a horrific attack Tuesday in a Jerusalem synagogue in which a pair of Palestinian cousins armed with meat cleavers and a gun slaughtered five people as they worshipped, in an incident that was widely celebrated in Palestinian territories.

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