Bill O’Reilly: President Obama’s immigration play

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from FoxNews,

With his party on the ropes and his credibility badly damaged, President Obama needs an issue to regain momentum. And he believes that issue is illegal immigration. So the President has decided to take unilateral action, hoping to please Hispanic-Americans and liberal thinkers.

Now, the “Washington Post” reports the President may sign the executive order shortly, “Talking Points” would not be surprised if that comes during Thanksgiving week because that holiday is symbolized by pilgrim immigrants.

Be that as it may the President is obviously trying to put the Republican Party on the defensive and things could get nasty. And that’s the last thing America needs right now — an immigration fight. There is no urgency that would require an executive order to be signed right now. The best thing to do for the entire country is to let the new Congress have a few weeks to design an immigration bill then if President Obama doesn’t like it he can veto and do his executive action deal.

The American voters clearly stated they want Congress to fix the economy. Tax reform, regulation reform that kind of thing, immigration reform far down the list of priorities for most of the folks. Therefore this is a pure political play on the part of Barack Obama. He is trying to deflect attention away from his economic record and into the conservative versus liberal battle.

“Talking Points” believes this is wrong — again, not good for the country.

There is no question the border has to be secured before any concessions are granted.

But if the Republican Congress passes legislation that seals the southern border, then humane action should be taken within the U.S.A. The biggest reason for that is the U.S. government has been complicit in allowing people to cross the border illegally. From President Reagan on, Washington knew what was happening and did not stop it. That’s because business makes money from illegal immigration.

So, with the U.S. government at fault, it should now try to right some wrongs seal the border and get some fair policies about people living here illegally.

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