Judge says nurse who treated Ebola patients does not have to be fully quarantined

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from The Washington Post,

CDC at Kaci Hickox home

A judge who had temporarily agreed to quarantine Kaci Hickox, a Maine nurse who had treated Ebola patients, ruled Friday that she did not have to have her movements restricted.

The state of Maine had won a small victory in its quest to quarantine Hickox, as Judge Cearles C. LaVerdiere on Thursday ordered her to limit her movements and keep a certain distance from members of the public. This order was to stand until the court issued any additional guidance, which LaVerdiere did Friday.

LaVerdiere said Friday that she should continue daily monitoring and coordinate any travel with public-health officials, but said that her movements did not have to be completely restricted.

Previously, LaVerdiere had issued a temporary order saying that Hickox has to submit to “direct active monitoring,” coordinate any travel with public-health officials and stay away from public places. It also said that Hickox has to stay three feet away from people while she is walking, riding a bike or jogging.

Hickox, who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa, has vowed to fight any court order, saying such a move is unnecessary and would violate her civil rights. She has said she has no symptoms of the disease – Ebola is transmitted only after symptoms appear – and has been monitoring herself daily in accordance with guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ​

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