Media Bias, as clear as glass, or should I say transparent

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from The Gray Area:

The Gray Area was created to illuminate the political bias of news outlets in print, TV, radio and the internet that occurs on a daily basis. This is one of the most obvious examples of that media bias taking place in this election year. I would say it is shameful, and it is, but it is worse than that. They left so controls the messaging on political issues in this country that the truth cannot be seen by the average American. That makes this historic propaganda that must be challenged.

from FoxNews,

The cowardly liberal media are not just refusing to report the truth in the news–they’re refusing to report the news altogether now that their liberal allies are behind in the polls.

This blockbuster MRC study blowing the lid off how the liberal media have all but stopped reporting on the campaign has been all over the news—from FNC to just about every major talk radio show and hundreds of websites.

The MRC’s work to hold the liberal media accountable is vital to the national debate—especially as the liberal media work overtime to hide the truth in these last two weeks before a critical election.

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