Free Speech under attack from the left

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Liberals are stepping up their efforts to curb conservative speech using any means they can: corrupt tax law enforcement, politically targeted regulations, fake grassroots campaigns, and even shocking attempts to revoke First Amendment protections.

No institution is sacred and no tactic too underhanded for the Left’s war on truth and liberty. MRC 100914

Rush Limbaugh under attack.. Advertising being pressured to drop Rush. MRC 100114

For the past two years, the Soros and union funded left has executed a strategy of smearing the America Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and bullying ALEC members.
Protestors shut down businesses partnering with ALEC, formed angry mobs that assaulted police officers at ALEC meetings and funneled millions into a campaign called “ALEC Exposed”.
Now the left is using the full weight of the federal government.
Last summer, liberal Senator Dick Durbin, abused his office and sent an outrageous letter to 300 companies and organization, demanding to know if they support ALEC.
Recently, liberal Congressman Raul Grijalva – the ranking member of the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Public Lands-made similar demands calling for a federal investigation bu the Inspector General of the Department of the Interior. He even called for the IRS to investigate ALEC.
NPR identified ALEC as “the birthplace of a thousand pieces of legislation.”
And leaders of the Left gather in conference across the country with one sole purpose: find ways to tear down ALEC.
ALEC 9/29/15 letter