Hillary “Alinsky letters” an issue?

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from The Gray Area:

There has been a relatively humorous debate over the past couple of days surrounding recently discovered letters exchanged between Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinksy in 1971. On one hand, the right has tried to say these letters are new evidence of Hillary’s Marxist, even pro-Communist pedigree. The left saying that there is “no there, there”.

The humor I find is that the “new” news about Hillary and Alinksy is not really new. This connection has long been public. If anything, it does add an “inside view” at her own thoughts on her relationship and sharing of views with Alinksy. It will be of no more significance to her eventual candidacy than the much more serious connection between Barack Obama and Rev Jeremiah Wright in 2008. These “issues with the left” just don’t stick in the public mind due in great part to the embedded nature of today’s media with the left’s messaging. The media just don’t spend three straight weeks talking about these subjects like they do other non-issues or outright lies tossed at the right by the leftist echo chamber.

For example, Media Matters confirmed this by saying the 40 year old letters “failed to make an impact outside the conservative bubble“. But, compare the left’s passion at promoting the following non-issues:

1. The media storm over 30 year old remarks made by Paula Deen (because it fits the right wing racist media narrative),
2. The outright lies presented about Mitt Romney’s character (because it fit the mean rich guy Democrat narrative the media follows), or
3. The left’s fascination with the Koch Brothers (though they don’t seem to mind rich Democrat donors, like George and Jonathan Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Tom Steyer, or Pierre Omidgar).

To keep from pulling your hair out over such craziness, you have to laugh. Barack Obama is also a disciple of Saul Alinsky, Alinsky lieutenants and outright revolutionaries, and even that could not get traction with the media or sadly with the public. And, though Hillary is a hard left, liberal Democrat, President Obama is solidly left of Hillary. Scary as it is that we have these anti-Americans as leaders of America, you have to maintain your sense of humor, right?