Rush Limbaugh’s Call Screener: Liberalism Has DESTROYED Black Communities

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from Political Insider,

For 26 years, James Golden (known to Dittoheads as ‘Bo Snerdley’) has worked for conservative hero and radio host Rush Limbaugh.

As Rush’s call screener, he is involved in every broadcast as Limbaugh fights liberalism with ‘half his brain tied behind his back, just to make it fair.’

And since the election of President Barack Obama, James has had a reoccurring role of being ‘The Official Obama Criticizer’…. as he is certified ‘black enough’ to speak out against our Marxist president.

But when he was interviewed in The Daily Caller by Ginni Thomas (Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife), he put the joking aside and took up a serious matter: Liberalism’s negative impact on the black community:

What liberalism has done to black communities is horrific.


Progress for black people isn’t going to be done politically, it is going to be done inside.

And what does he think about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

Al Sharpton and his bunch should be ashamed of themselves. [They have] let the issue of black life degenerate into a politically opportunistic issue.

James’ positive message is that black people need to value their own lives and quit expecting political hustlers to solve their problems. Watch (above) to see the entire interview.

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