Young Physicians OK with Obamacare While Older Doctors Bristle

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from NCPA,

Though U.S. physicians continue to have issues with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it appears to be a generational taste developing of the law making sweeping changes to their profession, according the Forbes. A new survey released last week by The Physicians Foundation displayed this gap by surveying doctors of different age and had them grade the ACA.

– More than half of doctors age 46 or older give ACA a “D” or “F.”

– However, just 37 percent of doctors 45 and younger give the legislation such poor grades.

– Nearly 30 percent of young doctors gave the law an “A” or a “B” rating when asked to grade the ACA as a vehicle for healthcare reform.

– By comparison, only 22.9 percent of older doctors gave an “A” or “B” for that answers, with 26 percent giving it a “C.”

The reason for this is that the ACA and other forces are moving doctors away from the fee-for-service medicine that allows doctors to liberally order procedures and tests as opposed to other low-cost methods. However, the new law has brought in more patients for physicians, tying up resources and adding a stress on the physician workforce.

According to a survey of 20,000 physicians conducted by MerrittHawkins:

– 56 percent of physicians describe their morale as very negative to somewhat negative.

– 17 percent of doctors are solo practices compared to 25 percent in 2012.

– 39 percent of physicians say they will “accelerate their retirement plans” due to changes in health care.

– 71 percent of doctors say they would still become a physician all over again.

Despite generational gaps, it is clear that physicians are still suffering under the new law and will continue to do so until something is changed.

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