What percent of residents want to move out of your state?

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from The Blaze,

If you were given the chance to move from your current state to another, would you want to? That was the question behind a new Gallup poll that shows nearly half of the residents in progressive meccas like Connecticut and Illinois would be willing to move to a different state. On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu ran through the 10 states with residents most willing to move and the 10 states with residents least likely to bolt.

According to the poll, the states most residents would be willing to leave include much of the northeast. Illinois tops the list with 50% of respondents saying they would move, followed by Connecticut (49%), Maryland (47%), Nevada (43%), Rhode Island (42%), New Jersey (41%), New York, (41%), Massachusetts (40%), Louisiana (40%), and Mississippi (39%).

Interestingly, while Illinoisans are most willing to leave their state in a general context, 20% of Nevadans said they are extremely, very, or somewhat likely to leave their state in the next 12 months. Illinois came in second on that list with 19% of respondents saying they are likely to move in the next year.

On the contrary, Montana, Hawaii, and Maine are the states where the fewest residents would leave if they could. Just 23% of residents in all three states said they would move. Oregon, New Hampshire, and Texas were close behind with just 24% of residents answering yes, followed by Colorado and Minnesota at 25%, South Dakota at 26%, and Wyoming at 27%.

“Except for a couple of them, they’re all free states,” Glenn said of the states people are least likely to flee. “Except for Hawaii, [and] Oregon has a touch of the progressive cancer. But for the most part… [it’s] freedom.”

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