Sharyl Attkisson Schools ABC, CBS, NBC on How to Cover the IRS Scandal

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Finally, a reporter is willing to tell the truth about the IRS scandal!

And it’s no surprise that it’s former CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson who took a fine comb through the nitty, gritty details of the IRS scandal this past Tuesday evening.

from Media Research Center,

Unlike her colleagues at the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, on Tuesday night, actually dug into the finer points behind the big bombshells revealed in the IRS scandal this week.

Invited on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss the revelations of a Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyer confirming the existence of Lois Lerner’s “missing” e-mails and the IRS’s destruction of her Blackberry (stories the networks through Wednesday morning have yet to touch) Attkisson also did a great job of explaining the conflict of interest going on at the DOJ.

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