Can anyone deny any longer that we are at war?

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What is the first step in solving a problem? Answer: Realizing you have a problem to begin with.

If anyone still honestly thinks this country is not at war, then this video should convince them otherwise.

It has even gotten President Obama’s head out of the sand.

This is not the first act of outright defiance against the USA by terrorists around the world. It is not even the 10th or 20th. It is not even the first beheading.

It is just the most dramatic.

At a time when the world is seemingly coming apart for lack of leadership and a lack of a coordinated response to the loosely organized bands of extremists whose goals of destruction of America, destruction of Israel and of world Muslim religious domination, this action and what it means in the global scheme of things, can no longer be avoided by the mainstream media or anyone else.

American foreign policy has mistakenly, and for too long, acted as if you can negotiate with radical lunatics. History has proven this a failed policy, and even recent history has its Chamberlain/Hitler example.

No one in this country wants to send our sons and daughters to war and some to die. But if we do not take decisive action, we will have our citizens and citizens of other countries and religions killed anyway, and in random and horrific ways like this …

and this …

or this …

or this …

and so on ….

The radical Muslim extremists have stated since 1996 that they are at war with the USA, Israel and anyone else that stands in the way of their stated goals. It is not that our response to the 9-11 attacks were wrong or damaged by the Iraq invasion, as the radical left in this country would have you believe, it’s that they did not go far enough. History has also proven that there is only one way to stop this kind of madness – complete annihilation of the antagonist. Until then,the world will not be safe.

Now, we must build a world wide coalition and take the battle to the terrorist enemies of the world. Stop only with total victory, no negotiated settlement. Then we can bring post war peace to the world, the way the “greatest generation” did for us against the last dangerous evil to inhabit this planet!

This statement in the Political Insider today says it all: We are praying for the Foley family and hope they find peace and comfort soon. And we wish America had a President who understood the seriousness of the terrorist threat.