ISIS Butchers Slaughter Iraqi Men; Scene “Reminiscent to what we saw during Nazi Germany”

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from The Gray Area:

For the past 2 months, we have heard of the success of ISIS and their apparently brutal tactics when they take over territory in Iraq. While the UN focuses its efforts on gun control and stopping Israel from defending it self, this genocide continues without action.

The following, posted by Freedoms Lighthouse and Asgraphic Design, are horrific examples of what is happening.

We agree with the sentiments stated in the Freedoms Lighthouse story and are re-posting them here.

There are no words for this video. It is pure evil. I wouldn’t post it, but the world needs to know what is happening. Our site reaches only a very small audience. But many other sites are beginning to post this, and hopefully, the national and international media will eventually tell the truth about what ISIS is doing. ISIS butchers in Iraq are slaughtering people, literally, by the thousands.

They have proudly released raw video of them executing 1,500 young Iraqi men, many of them apparently from the Iraqi Army. Some were forced to lay down on the ground where they were shot and killed, while others were shot in the head and then pushed into a river.

Updated August 8th, Yazidi women held captive by ISIS. Iraqi refugee camp supplied with food, water.

These butchers operate now unchecked across a large swath of Iraq, in places liberated by U.S. Soldiers just a few years ago. The total power vacuum left by Barack Obama’s pullout of all U.S. Troops – not leaving a residual force, which military advisers said was needed, has allowed this unspeakable situation to exist.

From Asgraphic, these men are being killed because of there crime. There’s no question about their guilty. Their crime……they are Christians. Yes, that’s their crime. They’re Christians.