42 Total Changes Made to Obamacare

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from NCPA,

Tyler Hartsfield and Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute detail the number of significant changes that have been made to the Affordable Care Act. Since its passage, the law has been changed 42 times: twice by the Supreme Court, 16 times by Congress, and 24 times by President Obama himself, unilaterally.

The president’s 24 revisions to the law via administrative action include:

– Providing subsidies to enrollees on federally-run exchanges.
– Delaying enforcement of the employer mandate.
– Allowing insurance companies to reoffer plans that Obamacare originally required them to cancel.
– Exempting unions from the law’s reinsurance fee.
– Expanding the hardship waiver from the individual mandate to people whose plans were cancelled because of the ACA.
– Pushing back the sign-up deadline from March 31 to mid-April.
– Cancelling Medicare Advantage cuts.

These are just a few of the changes that the executive branch has made to the law. Congress has also passed a number of laws to clarify and modify the Affordable Care Act, including repealing certain IRS reporting requirements and eliminating caps on deductibles for small group plans.

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