You won’t believe the most DANGEROUS guns in America

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from Media Research Center,

The far left-wing Rolling Stone magazine just proved that you don’t need to know anything about firearms in order to attack law-abiding American gun owners. This follows in line with much of what we see coming from the liberal media—unsubstantiated and uneducated reports designed to sway public opinion against the second amendment.

In the Rolling Stone article, after classifying all pistols as the number 1 most dangerous gun, the article lists derringers as number 5. Which begs the question: does anyone use derringers anymore? Other than perhaps riverboat gamblers who kept them in their hat.

Can this even be called journalism? Of course not. It’s crazy and ignorant propaganda. Not only does this showcase utter ineptitude about the subject at hand, but it just reinforces the fact that the liberal media want to strip Americans of our constitutionally protected 2nd amendment rights. And they will really stop at nothing to keep pushing this radical agenda.

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