A good story about discrimination, sexism, competence – and the difference between them.

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from The Gray Area:


The radical leftist groups in America love to bemoan the lack of opportunities for women and minorities being due to sexism and discrimination. They’re usual strategy is to protest for a symbolic hiring or they will do something dramatic to force the company’s hand. To get the focus off them, companies and sports teams will take some action or symbolic hire to prove their ‘progressive’ thinking and get the heat pointed elsewhere.

It has been proven over the past 40 years the damage this ‘thinking’ does to education quality, manufacturing quality, business performance and job creation. Competence, not quotas or special circumstance generates results. So, why do we force companies to add people without any demand for competence?

Natalie Nakase, the NBA LA Clippers’ assistant video coordinator, is trying to earn credibility in the coaching profession … by proving her worth. She aspires to be the N.B.A.’s first female Head Coach!

Nakase is not coming into this with a crowd of radical protestors leading the way. Instead, she is quietly finding ways to prove her competence. And, she is making the slow, steady ‘progress’ that opens doors and shatters perceived ceilings.

Results matter in this country, not the appearance of ‘progress’. Unfortunately, the radical progressives in this country continue to fight battles that are 1 or 2 centuries in our past and have already been won. Very, very few people in America today (right or left) will not hire someone because of their gender, race or sexual preference if they are competent and generate results.

Nakase appears to be working toward her goal the correct way, and the Clippers are to. Whether she makes it or not will depend on her perceived competence and ability to generate the required results.

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