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from The Gray Area:

According to a new Gallup poll,immigration concerns surged in July, while economic mentions ebbed. This poll from Gallup today is an indictment of every American citizen. You are being easily manipulated.

Whatever is in the news is the worst problem in the country. Until the next news cycle when something else is. Issues don’t change with news cycles, but our opinions do. We are being controlled. Put out a new story that the news media will pick up and repeat for 7 days, you have a new national problem. By the way, this is an indictment of our news media too, no surprise there.

Immigration is the new #1 problem in America. Not true. It has been and remains a huge issue in this country. But, we don’t pay attention to it when little things happen like giving the equivalent of amnesty to all illegal minors. Oh gee, all of a sudden we have 10s of thousand of minors flooding into the country. We now all of a sudden have a great problem. No, we have had this problem and did not act appropriately. As a matter of fact, President Obama made it worse. A DEA poll on the border illustrates the message. 219 of 230 children apprehended said they are coming here because thy believe they can stay!

What about the economy, jobs and Obamacare? Obamacare was #1, now it is #5. The Economy was #1 a month ago, now its #3. What has changed about the catastrophe that is Obamacare, nothing. Is our economy in great shape? No! Whats different is that these issues have been replaced on the front page and the lead stories of the major news organizations. Has it been by design?

In reality, we have a consistent list of major problems in America today. The economy, jobs, Congressional inaction and Presidential authority, Immigration, Education, Energy, Wars breaking out around the world, the War on Terror – look at the categories above and you will see them all. They all are critical and need immediate attention.

Wake up America. You are being led like lemmings over the cliff.

Demand action from your Congressional Representatives and in November – VOTE for action!