Illegal Immigrants in CA Burn American Flag on Independence Day

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from Political Insider,

The pro-”open boarders” crowd wants us to think that illegal immigrants love America and are just trying to make a life for themselves. But their actions at a recent protest in California show us otherwise.

Seems strange to work so hard to break our laws, then use government services… then burn the flag of the country you now live in!

An American flag has reportedly been burned by pro-amnesty protesters near the Murrieta Border Patrol station on America’s Independence Day.

Breitbart News obtained the photograph, which shows a burnt flag on the ground, from an anti-illegal immigration activist who was monitoring the pro-amnesty demonstration.

Opponents of illegal immigration had gathered in Murrieta to stop Friday’s planned transfer of Central American illegal aliens, as they did earlier this week. A pro-amnesty counter-demonstration was organized in response.

The illegal aliens, many of them unaccompanied children, are being brought from overcrowded Texas detention facilities for processing in California.

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