Look in the mirror

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from The Gray Area:

The Karl Rove – Hillary Clinton medical condition debate over the last few days has been a predictable media and political hot potato. The left railing about one of there hated Republicans, Rove. The right trying to calm the uproar of the mainstream media with facts of what was and wasn’t said. Even in this goofy example of our current political landscape, the piece in The Huffington Post today by Joe Wilson is classic example of needing to look in the mirror.

Joe Wilson goes into orbit against Karl Rove as “a despicable figure in American politics”. He uses such evidence for this as:

– Rove “betrayed my wife Valerie Plame’s identity as a covert CIA officer”, “treasonous”.

– distracted attention from “Bush administration’s lies about weapons of mass destruction as justification for war with Iraq”

– “His game is always to divide and demonize Americans, to destroy for short-term gain.”

– “Rove demonized gays in the 2004”

– “a strategy that focuses on the politics of personal destruction rather than policy.”
– and on and on…

Joe Wilson needs to look in the mirror for pictures of both himself and Democrat political strategy.

– The special prosecutor acquitted Rove of any wrongdoing in the Valerie Plame episode. And oh, by the way Joe, you misrepresented the whole experience of your trip and your wife’s supposed outing, solely for political purposes and retribution against the Bush Administration.

– The attacks against George Bush by the Democrats was vicious and tireless for eight years. Did you forget that? Those attacks were designed to divide an otherwise united country after 9-11.

– The demonization continues with the campaign strategy of the Obama Administration against Mitt Romney, depicting a fine, upstanding American as mean rich guy and someone America should fear. Herman Cain? (oh, but Bill Clinton’s escapades can be ignored – he is a leftist hero).

– And, the policies of the Obama Administration with income inequality, taxes, immigration, et al, continue to avoid policy debates, preferring the politics of personal destruction of the opposition.
– The politics of demonization are the property of the Democrat political strategy. Remember, Republicans are racist, misogynist, homophobs!

There are three things that are evident in this debate as commented upon by Joe Wilson.
1. The truth is usually 180 degrees from wherever the angry leftist tries to place it. All you need to see the real truth is to use a mirror on the commentary.
2. Rove should have known not to drift too close to the demonization territory of the Democrats. They can call Sarah Palin the most vicious, cruel and pornographic things, but don’t even suggest that Hillary Clinton’s health might be in question. Remember, they even got mad at Barack Obama for being too aggressive with Hillary in 2008.
3. As The Gray Area points out on a daily basis, you have to be careful about which news organization you source your news. The Huffington Post actually printed this commentary clearly presenting itself as the leftist rag it is on a daily basis. Compare this to the FoxNews article on the Rove comments. This supposedly hateful, right wing news source handled it in a much more balanced way.