“The Evidence for God from Contemporary Physics”

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by Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J.,


Fr. Spitzer will briefly discuss the contemporary Big Bang theory and its description of our universe. He will then examine the important question of whether or not our universe had a beginning implying a creation by a transcendent power. He will look specifically into evidence from space-time geometry proofs and from the second law of thermodynamics, and will try to make the language and concepts accessible to an audience who may not be familiar with physics. He will then examine five highly, highly improbable conditions of the universe which are necessary for life to be generated and survive. These so-called “anthropic coincidences” reveal a supernatural intelligence behind the universe’s fine-tuning. This evidence is not only important for the audience, but is vital to the Catholic Church’s project of intellectual evangelization among educated young people and adults who consider science to be the entryway into truth.

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