Shocking Benghazi E-Mails Between AP Reporter, Obama Flack

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from Media Research Center,

On Tuesday we learned just how far Obama’s White House went to cover up the truth about Benghazi!

Judicial Watch, a conservative legal organization, obtained documents which suggest that United Nation’s Ambassador Susan Rice’s talking points about Benghazi came from the White House.

The documents indicate that the Obama administration deliberately twisted the facts so the scandal would not harm the president’s reelection campaign.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is refuting the claim. This is a major scandal and once again the liberal media are nowhere to be found.

They just want this story to go away!

MRC president Brent Bozell appeared on “The Kelly File” with substitute host Martha MacCallum to discuss new e-mails about Benghazi and Fox News coverage of Benghazi.

The e-mails are between State Department PR operative Victoria Nuland and friendly Associated Press reporter Matt Lee, discussing the alleged “BS” on Fox during “The O’Reilly Factor” on September 13, 2012, two days after the consulate attacks. Bozell thought the Obama publicist and the AP reporter sounded way too much like each other.

BOZELLWhat we learn is that a reporter during the Obama administration and an Obama administration official are indistinguishable. If you close your eyes, and you hear — listen to these e-mails going back and forth, they both sound like political operatives, which is what they were. The media’s role is supposed to be a watchdog on power, and what you’ve got in the Obama years is a press that is blatantly supporting this administration and blatantly taking the side and becoming the mouthpiece for this administration.

It doesn’t matter whether that story was true or not. What matters in this case is that this reporter from the AP immediately took administration’s position and immediately wanted to go after Fox because of a dislike for Fox News.

MacCALLUM: You know, we looked because of this, we went back and said what was being said that night on Fox that he is calling utter bs? And, you know, going back over it, there wasn’t a whole lot to be honest, but there was some coverage that night on O’Reilly. O’Reilly said that it was likely a coordinated attack, in his opinion. He said that the film was being used as an excuse, both of which have turned out to be true. Laura Ingraham raised the question that night, where was the President during this attack? We still don’t know the answer to that. But, you know, you go through this and it’s really hard to find out what was so inflammatory to be called utter BS by this reporter. It raises –

BOZELL: Well, if you look at the e-mail string, they happen between 9:19 and 9:57, that was during the O’Reilly show.

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