Donald Rumsfeld gets cranky with the IRS

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from USAToday,

When he was secretary of Defense a second time, Donald Rumsfeld was known for speaking his mind with a cranky bluntness that stood out in the early days of the George W. Bush administration.

Now 81 years old and the subject of a new documentary, Rumsfeld is still forthright — especially when it comes to the confusing tax code.

In a letter to the IRS that he posted Tax Day on Twitter, Rumsfeld let loose in a sharply worded missive deriding the agency. He said the complexity of the tax code is a “sad commentary on governance in our nation’s capital.”

One of Rumsfeld’s zingers, from the letter posted below:

“The tax code is so complex and the forms so complicated, that I know that I cannot have any confidence that I know what is being requested and therefore I cannot and do not know, and I suspect a great many Americans cannot know, whether or not their tax returns are accurate.”

Rumsfeld notes that he and his wife, who also signed the return, are both college graduates.

Read Rumsfeld’s Letter In USA Today: