“First step to a government-run healthcare system”

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from The Gray Area:

Remember over the past 5 years how the left would deny and recoil in righteous indignation every time the right would say that Obamacare is just a step toward a government run, single payer program like every other government run healthcare program in the world. Even faced with an audio of President Obama, before he was elected, making a speech to a union audience that his goal was a single payer program, but he would not be able to do it immediately, they simply ignored it and the mainstream media censored the fact.

Now even Paul Krugman, the left’s leading cheerleader for the President and all things leftist, is admitting it in his article of April 3rd, Rube Goldberg Survives. Krugman says, “Remember, giving everyone health insurance doesn’t have to be hard; you can just do it with a government-run program. Not only do many other advanced countries have “single-payer,” government-provided health insurance, but we ourselves have such a program — Medicare — for older Americans. If it had been politically possible, extending Medicare to everyone would have been technically easy.

But it wasn’t politically possible, for a couple of reasons. One was the power of the insurance industry, which couldn’t be cut out of the loop if you wanted health reform this decade. Another was the fact that the 170 million Americans receiving health insurance through employers are generally satisfied with their coverage, and any plan replacing that coverage with something new and unknown was a nonstarter.

Harry Reid said the same thing last October during the failed introduction of Obamacare. “He just sees the Affordable Care Act as the first step to a fully government-run health care system, something that could be easier to achieve after the glitch-riddled, problematic opening of the federal health insurance exchanges this month.”

Even now, when everyone is coming out of the closet on the real objective, there is nothing in the mainstream media about why this should be an issue of public discussion. How government run healthcare systems have pushed countries around the world close to bankruptcy. How Canada is seeing an introduction of choice develop outside of its government-run healthcare system. How waiting times and fewer doctors have limited access, a supposed primary benefit of Obamacare. And how the cost to government keeps rising, though the cost of healthcare was supposed to be lower. Clearly no reason to debate those facts against the real objective of a government-run healthcare system in the United States.

As we say regularly on this site, if you expect truth and perspective from the 21st century mainstream media, you are not living in the real world. Vary your news sources and open your eyes. From “you can keep your doctor” to this is a market based healthcare system to we have no desire to move to a government run healthcare system, how many lies do you have to overlook before you see the pattern?