Religious Leaders Support ‘Affordable Care Act:’ Faith Groups Urge Health Insurance Sign-Up

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from The Huffington Post,

On one Friday earlier this month, more than 11,000 Muslims in mosques across the country heard a sermon about the Affordable Care Act.

Hindu and National Baptist groups, meanwhile, are posting online announcements about the White House’s “Faith and Community ACA Days of Action” this weekend (March 21-23).

Jewish women’s groups have visited college campuses to get students who think they’re “invincible” to sign up for health insurance.

As the national March 31 deadline for health insurance enrollment looms and with President Obama’s encouragement, organizations across a range of faiths are working to sign up uninsured Americans for coverage under Obamacare.

“What other time in our history will we be able to help our communities focus on wellness, to help every citizen access a means to be healthy and treat medical conditions, breaking the trend of making emergency rooms and ‘urgent care’ our primary care physicians?” asked Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker, director of the African Methodist Episcopal Church’s Social Action Commission.

Her historically black denomination has been involved in 5,000 events as part of a “saturation” campaign that has included rural areas and urban centers. In Georgia alone, a state whose Republican governor has critiqued Obamacare as “anything but affordable,” a team of enrollment experts has visited each of the state’s 600 AME churches.

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