What’s The Matter With 60 Minutes?: Cleantech Edition

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from Media Matters,

In its latest piece of shoddy journalism, CBS News’ 60 Minutes is labeling cleantech a “dirty word” by ignoring the overall success rate of clean energy investments.

In another one-sided report on Sunday, 60 Minutes reporter Lesley Stahl concluded that “instead of breakthroughs, the [cleantech] sector suffered a string of expensive tax-funded flops” after stimulus investments, including the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program. However, 60 Minutes simply ignored the cleantech breakthroughs that did occur in order to advance this misleading narrative. Here are four facts CBS left out of the story:

1. The DOE Loan Program Has A 97% Success Rate.

2. Solar And Wind Have Had Big Wins In Recent Years.

3. In Addition To These Strides, Cleantech Jobs Were Created.

4. Climate Change Necessitates Cleantech Investments.

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