Religious Liberty of Harrisburg Humanitarian Organization Secured

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from Liberty Institute,

An agreement with the Dauphin County Commissioners that will permit the Isaiah 61 Ministries to continue its efforts on public property.

Every week, for over five years, staff and volunteers associated with Isaiah 61 Ministries have provided meals, toiletries, clothing, and other forms of assistance to the homeless men and women of Harrisburg, as well as to the poor and elderly. Because of threats made by the Dauphin County Commission late this past summer, Isaiah 61 Ministries, and several other ministries engaged in similar religious exercise throughout the rest of the week, had been unable to use public property to serve those most in need of help throughout the year.

Liberty Institute and Independence Law Center sent a demand letter to the Dauphin County Commission in November asking that these ministries be permitted to continue their humanitarian efforts and acts of Christian charity on public property. Isaiah 61 Ministries resumed their ministry outside the Dauphin County Courthouse on Christmas Eve and now have the support of the county to continue their service there at least twice-per-week.

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