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from The Gray Area:

The year 2014 we will hear more than enough about economic inequality in the United States. It has been an public issue since the 1% demonstrations of Occupy Wall Street in 2010. It will be the number one issue in 2014 midterms because the Democrats have said it will be there issue for the midterm elections. Obviously needing an issue to get the country’s attention away from Obamacare, they have chosen this one.

But what is this issue all about.

People on both sides of the political spectrum have looked at data on wage and incomes and determine their is a gap. So they said how dowe close this gap. Lets bring up the bottom (minimum wage increases) and bring down the top (wage caps and tax increases) and therefore we will close the gap. But has anyone looked at how we got to this position? What factors created this gap? and thus what actions need to be taken to correct the causes? No, they haven’t. They left looks at the data, create an inequality narrative that the rich are stealing from the poor and that is why the gap exists. That is good for a class envy political strategy but is completely wrong because it has nothing to do with how the economic system in this country works. The right says nothing except all the proposal submitted are wrong and therefore look like obstructionists. Interesting that these are supposedly intelligent people making these insightful recommendations.