Fighting back against criminalizing carbon

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from CFACT,

The long war against those who would use fear of so-called carbon dioxide “pollution” to cripple economies has taken a turn for the better both internationally and on the home front in the United States.

Newly elected Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has introduced legislation to repeal his country’s oppressive carbon tax. The incoming government also wants to dismantle and consolidate myriad anti-carbon schemes spread through 30-plus programs.

In October, British Prime Minister David Cameron signaled a possible major shift in energy policy, telling Parliament that the government should roll back costly environmental regulations that have driven up the cost of energy so much that many British citizens find it increasingly difficult to heat their homes.

And here at home, the Supreme Court has decided to review the DC Circuit Court of Appeals’ June 2012 decision in Coalition for Responsible Regulation v EPA, to determine whether EPA permissibly determined that greenhouse as emissions from new motor vehicles triggered permitting requirements under the Clean Air Act for stationary sources that emit greenhouse gases. The new case is known as Utility Air Regulatory Group v EPA.

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