The Selling of ObamaCare

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by John Goodman,

from NCPA,

So why has it taken so long for the mainstream media and the general public to wake up to what is going on. I think there are three reasons: (a) insurance industry executives (who knew what was going on) were threatened and bullied into silence by the Obama administration, (b) the health policy community (who also knew what was going on) abandoned their role as critical analysts and assumed the role of cheerleaders for the new law instead and (c) the health care media (who should have known what was going on) didn’t do its job.

But note: our friends at The Incidental Economist were critical of many of the president’s statements — a welcome exception to the trend.

As for the president himself, he is a complete enigma to me. I’ve never felt that I understood him. He appears to have looked directly into the TV camera and said something that was blatantly untrue (in the words of Joe Scarborough) “over and over and over and over again.” You have to go all the way back to Richard Nixon to find something comparable.

Or is it possible the president really didn’t know? He often appears very detached and he spends a lot of time on the golf course — even when critical issues are pending.

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