Anti-Christian Crusaders

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from Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund,

The most important religious liberty cases in the United States at this time. It’s a case I am defending against the notorious Southern Poverty Law Center, who has sued a small religious counseling group called Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH).

Why is this an important religious liberty case?

Because the Southern Poverty Law Center has vowed to destroy every religious organization that it has decided is a ‘hate group’ – which in their eyes usually just means any group that believes in Biblical values.

This is a test case for them, if they get away with bullying little non-profit religious groups like JONAH, it will encourage them to go after more mainstream Christian organizations next.

Think about it – we’re talking schools, churches, publishers, conservative political organizations, anything will be fair game for these anti-Christian crusaders (all of these are already on their ‘hate groups’ list).

This is also a “first of its kind” lawsuit because the Southern Poverty Law Center is trying to use a state consumer fraud act to put a religious nonprofit organization out of business. If they succeed, it will be BAD news for conscience rights and religious freedom.

This is truly a ‘David and Goliath’ type battle pitting a little Jewish counseling group and myself up against TEN well paid lawyers from the wealthy and ironically named Poverty Law Center.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has consistently been given an ‘F’ by CharityWatch for sitting on 256 million dollars, and for paying its top lawyers hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of spending that money on true ‘poverty’ issues.

It is suspected in some quarters that it’s mostly a money making scheme for its founder.

Most people don’t know this, but Morris Dees, the founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, is a master salesman who has made millions on direct mail (think junk mail or spam). Now he is making a fortune attacking Christians, and it’s time to put a stop to it!

The Southern Poverty Law Center is playing dirty too. They know the truth is on our side. And they know we have few resources and shallow pockets. They just served on us yesterday another discovery motion demanding 42,000 additional e-mails. If granted, we will have to review and redact those e-mails, which will take at least 1,500 hours of attorney time. We simply do not have the resources to do that work.

This is just one example of the plaintiffs’ routine strategy to drive us and our clients out of business.

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