End all UN participation – NOW!

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by Congressman Paul Broun,

from PaulBroun2014,

Sixty-eight years ago a clandestine organization was born.

It was the birth date of the United Nations.

And now, sixty-eight years later, our nation is in danger because of this very institution. The United Nations is threatening our everyday way of life, the freedoms and liberties we enjoy and the privacy our families deserve.

I want to get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. That’s why one of the first bills I introduced this year in Congress was HR 75 to end all US participation in the United Nations.

As the United Nations grows in power and authority, the United States sovereignty dwindles with it. Our country, under the dismal direction of the Democrats, is spending millions of dollars supporting a organization that undoubtedly endangers our children and grandchildren’s future.

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