U.S. Dollar on the brink of 13-month lows!

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from Money Markets,

Here are the long-term consequences …

While the stock market has been rising, the U.S. dollar has been sinking.

It’s on the verge of breaking major 13-month lows.

It’s not far from reversing everything it gained against a sinking euro during the recent European debt crisis.

And once those barriers are breached, it could crash to its lowest level in history.

But Washington doesn’t care, and few investors seem to give a damn.

What they don’t seem to realize is that the precipitous fall of the U.S. currency can set off a chain reaction of consequences that can spiral beyond the control of any government …

Consequence #1. Surging interest rates

Consequence #2. A half trillion dollars more in interest costs

Consequence #3. A big hit to large U.S. banks

Consequence #4. Massive investor dumping of U.S. assets

Consequence #5. The long-term decline of U.S. global influence and power

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