Wendy Davis’s Values or Texans’ Values?

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from Texas Values,

As you have probably heard, Democrat State Senator Wendy Davis has announced that she is running for Governor of the great state of Texas. The liberal media and many outside the state of Texas (where most of her fundraising dollars are coming from) are certainly excited about her candidacy. Her campaign announcement last week did not mention her most well-known legislative action – a filibuster this summer in support of late-term abortion. Something even some in the media thought was “conspicuously absent.”

Instead, according to her announcement, we are told that Davis is ready to fight for “our families” and according to her supporters, her values “reflect the values of all Texans…” At Texas Values, we seek to educate and advance a culture of family values in our state – one that values every human life, nurtures the family, and protects our religious liberty. These are values that most Texans share.

An important question that all Texans will be asking is does Wendy Davis’s record “reflect the values of all Texans”?

Let’s look at the record.

– Davis’s View that Abortion is “Sacred”

– Davis’s Support of Special LGBT Rights and Drug-Based Sex-Education

– Davis’s Support of Obamacare

– Davis’s Support of Using Government Power to Target (Conservative) Non-profits

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