FINALLY, THEY CAN AGREE ON SOMETHING: White House backs furlough-pay bill

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from FoxNews,

At last, the White House and Congress have agreed on something.

For the first time since mad-dash negotiations over the budget on Monday, the White House announced Friday that it would support a House spending bill — this one, to provide back-pay for furloughed federal workers.

“Federal workers keep the nation safe and secure and provide vital services that support the economic security of American families,” the White House said in a statement. “The administration appreciates that the Congress is acting promptly to move this bipartisan legislation and looks forward to the bill’s swift passage.”

The only other House bill that the Senate has approved and President Obama has signed in the last week has been a measure to pay the nation’s military. The White House has threatened to veto every other bill, as the House pushes a series of mini-spending measures meant to fund certain agencies amid the partial government shutdown.

So far, the House has voted to fund the National Institutes of Health, the National Guard and Reserve, the National Park Service and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

More votes are scheduled for Friday, and the bill to retroactively pay furloughed workers is on the docket for Saturday.

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