Why We Should Approve the Keystone Pipeline

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from NCPA,

The Keystone system has already been transporting oil sands from Canada to U.S. refineries in the Midwest for three years — with no major leaks. The Keystone XL project that has received so much attention is the last phase of a larger project.”

Rival pipelines are expanding their existing capacity because they don’t require new approvals. The oil is coming; the only question is how much new investment there will be in U.S. energy infrastructure.

– The new pipeline will disturb less land than the pipeline that has already been built.

– Pipeline builders have already addressed the major environmental objection.

– The expanded pipeline doesn’t move just Canadian oil; TransCanada routed the expansion to transport up to 100,000 barrels a day of U.S. crude oil.

– Keystone XL isn’t just another way to import oil to the United States, it could actually lower the U.S. trade deficit.

The fact is that the Keystone XL pipeline is simply an extension of an already existing program that is working well, creating jobs and expanding U.S. manufacturing. It should be an easy decision for anyone concerned about the economy.

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