Values of life and family in catastrophic decline in Mexico (Part 1)

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from Catholic World Report,

Over the past decade, the state of the Mexican family – so long its strongest institution – has entered into the worst crisis of its history. The divorce rate in Mexico has skyrocketed, the country’s most eminent Catholic prelates have endorsed homosexual unions, and Catholic publications have begun to echo transgender and radical feminist ideology. During the same period, the country’s pro-life and pro-family movement has suffered massive setbacks, as the Supreme Court has imposed homosexual “marriage” on the states and has struck down state laws prohibiting the killing of the unborn.

The situation represents an almost perfect reversal in the battle to defend life and family in Mexico, a battle that was carried out for decades in a highly effective way by both clergy and laity, and successfully thwarted anti-family agendas in most Mexican states. Today, in contrast, the federal government is imposing the same policies everywhere, and is silencing critics of transgender ideology with court orders and fines. The second largest Catholic country in the world now appears to be succumbing to the “culture of death” so long condemned by Pope John Paul II.

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