Judge Orders Women’s Spa Run By Christians to Allow Naked Men

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from Daily Signal,

Harvey Weinstein must be kicking himself now for not identifying as trans.

Because based on one federal judge’s decision, apparently it’s just fine to force women to see your penis, as long as you say you’re a woman, too.

Forget #MeToo—we’re now in an era where not wanting to be around a naked person of the opposite sex makes you a bigot breaking the law, not a victim of sexual harassment.

Amazingly, it gets even worse: You can’t be a woman and refuse to touch a naked man, as long as he identifies as female.

How sad that the suffragettes aren’t alive to witness our new glorious era.

In Washington state, a brave Korean spa dared to stand up for women-only spaces—and got shot down by a district court judge this week.

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