Durham report: Five key takeaways from the bombshell findings into Trump-Russia investigation

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from Washington Examiner,

Special counsel John Durham’s long-awaited report on the Trump-Russia investigation was finally released on Monday.

The 306-page report, which Durham described as “sobering,” cast doubt on the idea that the FBI should have ever begun its Crossfire Hurricane investigation and concluded that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign played an outsize role in pushing such collusion claims to the media and to the FBI, among numerous bombshell revelations.

1. No proper basis to launch Crossfire Hurricane

2. Hillary Clinton connections

3. The dossier and Russian disinformation

4. No collusion

5. No further crimes charged

The special counsel didn’t charge anyone else in his new report. “The law does not always make a person’s bad judgment, even horribly bad judgment, standing alone, a crime. Nor does the law criminalize all unseemly or unethical conduct that political campaigns might undertake for tactical advantage, absent a violation of a particular federal criminal statute,” Durham wrote.

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