‘endless climate absurdities’

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from The Gray Area:

Lets get this out of the way up front. Everyone wants to protect the environment, everyone! Anyone who says that people don’t care about the environment are lying, period. That is a political narrative designed to achieve a political end, not save the planet.

The best example of that is seen in the endless climate absurdities of the climate crazies. Those proposals have no impact on the climate or the environment. Here’s a sample:

  • The Harvard Public School of Health bizarrely declared that climate change would increase the likelihood of future pandemics
  • A lady suffering from heat stroke was diagnosed by a doctor as suffering from – you guessed it – “climate change”
  • Calls have been made for climate change to be used as a “cause of death” on death certificates
  • The Harvard Law Review promotes adding the crime of “climate homicide” to the criminal code
  • Scientists are urging people to embrace a “climate friendly” diet that includes eating bugs and insects
  • Climate change is turning MLB games into home run derbies
  • WHO recommends ‘pandemic treaty’ which may lead to ‘Global instant lockdowns’

Government policy in the free world has gone off the rails.

Do you think China, or the rest of the world’s autocracies, will throttle down their economies over any of this nonsense?

Lets be realistic for a change and not be fooled by the political narratives.

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