Kari Lake Scores Major Legal Victory in Election Challenge in AZ Supreme Court – ‘This Is Huge’

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from Western Journal,

The establishment media outlets were quick to spin the Arizona Supreme Court’s Wednesday decision on Republican Kari Lake’s lawsuits challenging the outcome of the 2022 state gubernatorial race as a near death-blow to her chances of overturning it.

The Arizona Republic: “Arizona Supreme Court rejects most of Kari Lake’s election challenge.” KNXV-TV: “Arizona court declines most of Lake’s appeal over gov’s race.” KPNX-TV: “Arizona court declines most of Kari Lake’s appeal over governor’s race.”

However, “most” is not “all,” no matter how much liberals in the media might want it to be.

In the ruling, the state Supreme Court found that the lower trial court erred in dismissing a challenge to signature verification procedures in the state’s most populous county, Maricopa County.

The matter was sent back to a trial court for consideration — and it could grant Lake’s team a review of how the signatures were verified.

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