It’s Not Just Hunter: Networks Bury Sketchy Financial Dealings of James Biden

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from MRC Newsbusters,

If you thought that Hunter Biden was the only First Family member with disturbing financial dealings and foreign connections, you would be wrong. But you could also be forgiven for not knowing about James Biden, brother to the President. Just like his son Hunter, the networks have mostly failed to ask questions about this sibling.

James Biden has concerning associations with Chinese businesses linked to the country’s Communist Party. But even though Joe Biden announced his presidential run back on April 25, 2019, it wasn’t until April 2022 when CBS realized there might be some questionable connections.

Until then, CBS was silent on James Biden. ABC and NBC still have failed to investigate him. On April 6 and 7, 2022, the CBS Evening News and CBS Mornings devoted a combined five minutes and 51 seconds to James. That’s the network total in more than three years.

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