Today’s Hillary, or others, 2024 debate is telling about the broad based dissatisfaction with the current Democrat administration

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from The Gray Area:

You can expect this from the right wing media. But, it is telling to note the left wing media (and the WSJ, written by Democrats) already, 1 year in, are running articles predicting who, other than Biden-Harris, could be a Democrat presidential candidate in 2024. Even they know what a catastrophe this administration is.

Here is what the right & left are saying:

New York Post Could a third time be the charm for Hillary Clinton? That’s the case made by two prominent Democrats who claim a “perfect storm” of President Biden’s plummeting job approval ratings, Vice President Kamala Harris’ own unpopularity and the commander-in-chief’s advanced age could provide an opening for the former first lady and secretary of state. ​

WSJ “She is an experienced national figure who is younger than Mr. Biden and can offer a different approach from the disorganized and unpopular one the party is currently taking,” they add.

New York Magazine – opening line: The post-Trump era has been a difficult one for the news business. It’s tough to maintain readers’ attention when the leader of the country isn’t spouting surreal nonsense every day. To keep things spicy, sometimes you need to play the old hits, even if those hits never made any sense.

FoxNews – … political scientist Steven Levitsky, who warned “democracy cannot afford for this Republican Party to win again” for failing to commit to democratic rules, if a Biden-Cheney ticket is “such a crazy idea.” “Not at all,” Levitsky replied. “We should be ready to talk about Liz Cheney as part of a blow-your-mind Israeli-style fusion coalition with Democrats. It is a coalition that says: ‘There is only one overriding goal right now — that is saving our democratic system.’”

CNN – Analysis by Chris Cillizza: She is already in an advantageous position to become the 2024 Democratic nominee.” And while Clinton and Biden are not carbon copies of one another, their relevant experience is remarkably similar — long careers in the public policy space in Washington.

CNN – … the change candidate? How, exactly? There’s absolutely no scenario I can imagine in which Clinton would be able to be the change candidate. Her background is simply too Washington (and politics) heavy. Look, the election of Trump in 2016 has taught me to never dismiss any idea — no matter how seemingly outlandish — as impossible. Which means that I am not willing to say that there is a 0.0% chance that Clinton thinks about running in 2024.

Thomas L. Friddman, NYT Netanyahu was just a smarter Donald Trump, constantly de legitimizing the mainstream media and the Israeli justice system and vigorously exploiting social/religious/ethnic fault lines to divide and rule. He eventually stressed out the system so much that several of his former allies broke away to forge a unity coalition with Israeli center, left and Arab parties.

Bill Clinton –NYPost… not electing her in 2016 was “one of the most profound mistakes we ever made.”

That last quote from Bill Clinton is truly frightening. Can you imagine? It would be like imagining Al Gore as President on 9-11! Pwhew! A Hillary administration in 2017 would have been the movie trailer for the 2021 Biden presidency – absolutely awful.

I do agree with New York Magazine, “the post Trump era has been difficult for the news media“. They made millions beating up on Trump.  Now, since Dems are in office, they can’t beat up on their own team.  The only thing awful about the Trump presidency was the media TDS. Results were outstanding.

Didn’t see anything anywhere about an improvement in her popularity, with Dems or otherwise? Can’t imagine it’s improved.

Change candidate? She has always been left of Biden to start with and that’s hard in recent years.  And, you think she is going to move to the center?

She is younger now. In 2024 she will 77. Same age as Biden in 2020. She will be younger than Biden in 2024 (82), but not effectively younger to run the country. She would present the potential as another doddering old 77 yr old.  Especially when Republicans run the video other stumbling and passing out in 2016.

Which, by the way, if Trump runs, he would have overcome the same issue.

Trump wasn’t divisive in his policies and results. He was disliked because of his style. The divisive label comes from Dems and the media simply because they don’t like him or any Republican. You can see that in the actions of the Biden administration this week, they want nothing of unity. They live only to win, which means divide the country. A unity ticket, ridiculous. Unless, of course, they do worse the next 3 years and desperation is of the charts.