White House bragging about Biden job gains draws social-media backlash

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from FoxNews,

Social media users on Friday balked at a graphic the White House posted online that claimed President Biden has created far more jobs than any other commander-in-chief.

“Ever,” the post boasted.

The graphic – which appeared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – was posted just hours after a disappointing jobs report showed hiring had fallen far below expectations in December.

The US added just 199,000 jobs in December, far below expectations

While the numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics appeared to be accurate, the raw data failed to show important context.

The talking point that Biden has created more jobs than any other president is a favorite of his – but he isn’t factoring in population and labor-force growth, or the fact that many of the jobs recently gained had been lost during a sharp drop in employment because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The economy is still 5 million jobs under the peak reached before the pandemic, according to Politifact.

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