How Inflation Is Squeezing Working American Families at Christmas

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from Right & Free,

Just before 10 a.m., cars begin pulling into the parking lot of the Country Thrift Market, a sprawling former grocery store 40 miles from Pittsburgh.

Most of the cars and trucks that pull in have seen better days, but the children inside them look excited, seemingly unaware they are in need of charity.

The families at this event never stopped working during the pandemic, said Justin McAtee, the director of marketing at Food Helpers, a nonprofit organization behind the drive.

“They are too proud to take money from the government and stay home and do nothing, yet also find themselves unable to provide for their families properly because of the rising costs.”

“Few in society or government sees their need, because they have jobs,” added McAtee, whose organization surveys the people it helps. “The families that are here are essentially invisible.”

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