CCP Stuns Biden, Blasts U.S. Military ‘War Crimes’ In Middle East.

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from National Pulse,

Justice may be delayed, but it will not be denied,” is the strap-line of a video from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs that now has millions of views from across the world. The startling speech in the clip attached (below) is part of a new Chinese Communist Party effort to undermine the United States on the world stage, taking advantage of an increasingly weak Biden regime.

No such wild sabre-rattling came from China during the Trump administration. They didn’t dare. But with Biden and Harris at the helm for less than a year, the world is now witnessing a rush to exploit the power vacuum in both American politics and foreign policy.

With U.S. military leaders more concerned with deploying troops around the nation’s own Capitol, as well as professing preferences for critical race theory training, China sees its opportunity and they’re not being shy about it.

In the aforementioned clip, Wang Wenbin, the spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explicitly outlined how the U.S. was no longer atop the international pecking order:

“The era in which the US acted arbitrarily in the world under the pretext of so-called ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ is over,” he asserted.

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