Jurors begin deliberating in homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot 3 amid unrest in Kenosha

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from The Washington Post,

Here’s what to know

– According to a Tuesday afternoon pool report, the jury requested 11 additional copies of the first six pages of the 36-page jury instruction packet — which explain the legal principles behind issues like provocation and the meaning of “intent to kill.” Later, the jury requested 11 copies of the remaining pages of the juror instructions — which explain in detail the specific charges.
– Legal experts say they are unsurprised the jury did not reach a decision today. “The jurors are aware there is a lot of media attention and public attention and, if anything, the effect of that is to make them want to be particularly thoughtful and careful,” said Shari Seidman Diamond, a professor at Northwestern University’s law school.
– The trial has featured two weeks of at times dramatic testimony, as well as extensive footage of the shootings. Rittenhouse took the stand last week and tearfully insisted that he had fired only to defend himself.

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