What’s in Third Version of Biden’s Big Government Spending Bill

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from Daily Signal,

Congressional Democrats have released a third version of their big government socialist Build Back Better Act. Compared to the previous draft, the newest version adds another 450 pages, resulting in a 2,135-page plan for a reckless tax and spending spree. We asked analysts from The Heritage Foundation to examine what is in the updated bill text.

Here are their responses:

Version 3 Updates

  • A federal takeover of family leave policies, which would provide the highest benefits to those with the highest incomes.
  • Imposing government price controls that would allow for less access and fewer choices to life-saving treatments.
  • A massive increase in the state and local tax deduction, from $10,000 to $72,500, which would simply be a subsidy for high income earners in high tax states.
  • A new tax subsidy for union politics.
  • A tax subsidy for the news media.
  • A significant tax increase on nicotine products, which will burden low and middle income Americans.

This third version of the bill includes significant changes to federal policy, including creating expensive new entitlement programs. But make no mistake, more changes will be coming.

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