Understanding the Danger America Faces From the Radical Spending Bill Democrats Want to Jam Through

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from Right & Free,

It’s hard to overstate how bonkers the American left has gone. If conservatives weren’t in such a state of disarray, they would be dominating American politics like never before.

President Joe Biden and leading Democrats somehow convinced themselves the 2020 election was a call to fundamentally transform America into a socialist country.

We are seeing this play out today in the debate over the multitrillion-dollar “transform America” legislation the Democrats are trying to jam through Congress. The so-called Build Back Better legislation aims to cement a hard lurch left for America. America has never been a socialist country; this legislation aims to change that.

Luckily for anyone who cares about the country’s future, this insanity is still a hard sell to regular Americans.

You don’t have to go deep under the hood to understand why the stalled socialist legislation is such a hard sell to moderates. In almost every area that America is currently struggling with, the Democrats spending bonanza would make things worse.

No. 1: America’s labor shortage.

No. 2: Skyrocketing inflation.

No. 3: Energy price spikes.

No. 4: Empty shelves.

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