Is this $3.5T the ‘last grain of sand’?

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from The Gray Area:

Does the country need $3.5T in non-essential new spending right now?

The answer is no. And, everyone knows it.

The pile of debt and unpaid liabilities we are creating can result in only one thing. Would anyone really want that result?

Yes, unfortunately. The only way to bring the impact of the USA down, so that the global socialists and their institutions, UN & EU and NGOs, can run the world, is to bankrupt its economy, eliminate US energy independence, destroy its basic values and reduce its military preparedness. We see it all, and more, going on right now. This $3.5T spending bill is just the most recent.

In an article by John Maudlin, he makes the following statement; Imagine … dropping one grain of sand after another onto a table. A pile soon develops. Eventually, just one grain starts an avalanche. Most of the time, it’s a small one. But, sometimes, it builds up, and it seems like one whole side of the pile slides down to the bottom.

We have been contributing to this ‘pile’ for decades.

Is this unnecessary political wish list of spending, that ‘last grain of sand’?

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