As Colonial Pipeline recovers from cyberattack, leaders point to a ‘wake-up call’ for U.S. energy infrastructure

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from The Washington Post,

A major East Coast fuel pipeline lurched back to life Thursday as the nation continued to deal with the fallout from the biggest known cyberattack on U.S. energy infrastructure, but the Biden administration warned it would take time for fuel shortages to ease and pledged to take additional action to prevent a similar crisis.

Colonial Pipeline, which suspended operations Friday after a “ransomware” attack on the company’s computer systems, said Thursday that its pipeline connecting Texas to New Jersey has been fully reactivated and fuel shipments have resumed. But significant shortages continued across numerous states, and drivers again complained of being stuck in long lines and encountering empty gas stations.

President Biden and top aides sought to ease growing political fallout over the fuel shortages, as Republicans accused the White House of failing to defend the importance of American-made energy and responding inadequately to the hack.

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