Cuomo, Lemon Double Down In Defense Of Officer Who Shot Ma’Khia Bryant

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from Daily Wire,

“We cannot treat all police shootings in the same way,” asserted Lemon, as reported by Newsbusters.

“You’re absolutely right. We can’t do that,” responded Cuomo.

“They’re 100 percent not equal. And the poor mom that you had on, I feel for her, but not every police shooting is the same, and we have to look at the evidence and what we know,” added Lemon.

Lemon noted that if the officer did not react in the time that he did, the young girl who Bryant was assaulting could have been killed, resulting in two tragic deaths instead of one.

“I think it was like seven seconds, seven or nine seconds that the officer had to react. It is tragic. It is terrible. But, imagine if the woman in the pink was your loved one, and the officer didn’t do what he did,” said Lemon. “You could be mourning the death of that woman, that young lady in the pink.”

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